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Hmm... some stuff I've been neglecting to mention:

* Krissy is back home since she can't afford to move out. She and Mom have reconciled their differences, more or less, so that's good.

* Nick still hasn't found a job, but has managed to sell his GTP. That oughta take care of some of the debt that's been piling up.

* Mom's been in Japan for the past week! ^_^ A weekend in Tokyo and the work week in Osaka. Yes, I am a wee bit green-eyed, but she is gonna bring me back a whole buttload of stuff, hehe ('cept not a kimono- the cheapest one she could find cost $1,500. Yowch!). Sometime this weekend, she heads to Shanghai for the last leg of her business trip. I'm hoping those pretty silk high-collared slit-up-the-leg Chinese dresses aren't as expensive as kimonos. ^_^

* I lost my student ID and had to get a new one- for $20, a fair percentage of the peanuts I received when I sold back my textbooks. But the cool thing is, this ID won't expire until December 2008! Free train/bus/incline rides and museum admission for another five years, woohoo!

* One more final to go. On Saturday- yick.

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