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06 March 2007 @ 01:03 pm
Calling on my fellow geeks...  
NetBeans has a message on its blog space about possibly integrating Grails at some point. Looking up what Grails is led me to look up Groovy- and it looks, well, kinda groovy. Granted, I've been looking it over for all of five minutes, but has anyone else heard of it? Have any good or bad stories? Is it something worth looking into further- given how vested I am in Java at this point- or should I stick with (eventually getting back to) Ruby?
(Anonymous) on March 6th, 2007 07:26 pm (UTC)
Groovy/Grails can be great for the Java developer looking for something new
I work as part of a small team of Java developers who have embraced Groovy and Grails and even started a business (Refactr.com) based upon providing solutions using these technologies. You can write nearly perfect Java syntax and have that work with Grails or you can migrate (at your own speed) to using full Groovy syntax. I, for one, think groovy/grails is set to have a big surge in uptake among Java developers who want what fast frameworks like Rails can provide, but, like you, don't really want to "throw out" their expertise in Java.