Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

This is how bad info gets passed around

I take Remy to work once or twice a week. Mind you, his work was my former work, so I know pretty much everyone there, and vice-versa.

For some reason, a group of them have decided to start a rumor that I'm pregnant. What's funny is that my former boss thinks it's true, and offered his congratulations. I tried to correct him, but he was immediately distracted with something else, and didn't pay me any mind.

I'm thinking we can leverage this, if we play it carefully. It'll come in handy next time Remy's annual review comes up, and he gets to negotiate his salary. I may be like ten or eleven months along by then, but my former boss isn't the type to notice these things. (Actually, I think Remy's review is coming up in another handful of months here, so yay!)

In current work-related news, we got donuts today for high customer satisfaction scores. And I get to work the 8-5 shift tomorrow, woohoo! In the next week or so, I should be returning to 9-6 for good, as Kelly is trained enough to handle 10-7.
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