Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

To one of my personal heroes

Dear Thomas Paine,

I'm sorry about what happened in the Arkansas state legislature recently. I was born in that state, and I think we both agree it's for the best that I wasn't actually raised there. You were a brilliant writer and thinker, and made a significant contribution to the American Revolution, and for that you should be better celebrated and remembered than you are. I, lowly plebe, can't do much aside from creating an LJ icon in your honor. I intend to use it on occasions when I must give someone peddling poor arguments, non-facts, superstitions, and outright lies a righteous beat-down. You know, for science. It is, after all, very much The Age of Reason, however many people these days want to fight it.

Go forth, kick ass, stir up some shit, make people think. Or, since you can't really do that anymore (death is so inconvenient), allow me.

Your humble admirer, whose life has changed for the better since discovering your work,
Tags: libertarian

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