Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

The Quarter-Century Crisis

Thirty Things To Do Before I'm Thirty

I have exactly five years!

I'm sure these will get amended over time, but let's have-at (in no particular order):

1) Buy a house and make it ours.
2) Get a literary work- any literary work- published. Doesn't matter how or where. Self-publishing counts.
3) Get raises/manage career so that I'm making $40-$50K/year, or higher.
4) Become proficient with Farsi.
5) Get back into proficiency with German.
6) Have a baby. (Most likely just one. Two at the absolute most. As Fark so often reminds us: it's a vagina, not a clown car.)
7) Go to ten-year high school reunion in 2010. Laugh at those who peaked ten years ago.
8) Go to Vegas again, this time with Remy (ideally, before any kids get here).
9) Go to Europe again, this time with Remy (same).
10) Get a pistol permit, get proficient with a handgun, then get a concealed-carry permit.
11) Hammer out a regular exercise routine and stick with it.
12) Finish at least one collaborative story with Remy.
13) Earn a promotion.
14) Either earn a master's degree online at one of the schools I can attend for free through my mom, or take at least five free online college courses.
15) Maintain a healthy weight.
16) Learn a new musical instrument.
17) Visit at least one new city and state.
18) Learn to drive stick.
19) Learn to cook.
20) Remain in sound financial health.
21) Learn at least one new programming language, and actually code with it.
22) Learn "Moonlight Sonata" and "The Entertainer" on the piano, at the very least. Brushing up on "Maple Leaf Rag" would also be nice.
23) See a few classic movies I've missed out on, like "Ben-Hur."
24) Read a few classic books I've missed out on. Classic sci-fi counts.
25) Visit Iran, assuming it's safe to do so sometime soon. =(
26) Start that Doctor Who fan series with Remy.
27) Keep writing my Congress-critters, however futile that is.
28) Go to an opera.
29) Keep a good handle on stress, particularly so that I don't keep having seizures.
30) Attend a ball or masquerade, where I can waltz and live out my Audrey Hepburn wannabe-ness.
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