Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Super Valentine Death Storm 2007

No additional snow today, and it's clear and sunny out, but we're indeed buried. I don't know what the official snowfall amount is, but over two feet is damn near certainty. Thanks to drift, my car was buried up to the mirrors this morning, with about a foot or so covering the entire top from hood to trunk. Plus, there was a snowplow trench a couple of feet high blocking it in. I would never have made it to work without the following:

1) ibesky graciously lending us her shovel, for we have none and lo, there were naught to be purchased at Chopper le Ghetto.

2) My darling Remy helping me dig out. It took the two of us more than an hour. I, by myself, may have gotten it done in three.

3) The fact that I'd parked on Madison Avenue Tuesday night- which, while still crappy this morning, was drivable. Most of the side roads in downtown Albany have not been plowed at all, and my car doesn't make with the 4WD.

I still had to take the car to like 3000-4000 RPMs to get out, heh, but at least I got out. Even if I didn't go to work, I would've had to excavate the car eventually, as we're only allowed to park on that side of the road until 8 PM tonight. Damn, it's times like these that I really look forward to having a driveway again. Even a parking lot would be nice.

So, work was officially shut down yesterday at 10 AM, and our Tech Support answering machine message was changed to explain that there was a snowstorm, and we'd be back tomorrow to assist with stuff. Someone left us a message:

"I can't believe this. 'Speedy resolution' my ass."

Oh, the professionalism! The maturity! Makes me wanna run out there in whiteout conditions and risk my car and my life to help that dear man!

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