Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Scarf Update

The scarf is 6' 3", and I have way too much yarn left. What should I do with it?

Bundle colors as "Doctor Who scarf starter kits," give away or sell at cost
Offer to knit scarves for others. Something I'd charge for, as the amount of labor involved is immense.
Make a "hers" scarf so that I match Remy- not quite as long, maybe half as wide.
Some combination of the above (elaborate in comments)
Ooh- my idea! Do MY idea! (elaborate in comments)

If you would be interested in having some of the yarn or would actually commission a scarf, I'd also appreciate you saying so here! I can't guarantee anything at this point, but if I had an idea of how much interest exists, that'd be helpful.
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