Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

New Years x 3

Remy's out of town this week, so I'll try to ignore the gaping temporary void in my life and be industrious at home. I've already vacuumed and dusted and gotten dishes out of the way, now I just have to snip the stringy, frayed bits of carpet in the corners of our apartment that the cats have been tearing out to chew/gag on. Ah, yet again, I'm tasked with preventing the lovable little morons from killing themselves. Also got a copy of TurboTax over the weekend, so I'll try to get a jump-start on our tax return. First time we're married filing jointly, yay!

Lots of New Yearsage in the near future. Sometime around the 18th, Remy and I want to go to Plum Blossom- a half Chinese New Year/half birthday thing (I already told him, though, that the only present I want is him not traveling the following week). And the month after that, of course, is Nowruz- Persian New Year, on the spring equinox. It's in the middle of the week this year, but Mom has offered to throw a private celebration at her house the weekend before. So, we're planning to take a long weekend off work and head out to Pittsburgh on/around St. Patrick's Day weekend. There promises to be lots of good food, dancing, good times with the family, and of course the beautiful sofreh-yeh haft-seen Mom sets up every year. This'll be the first time Remy gets to actually celebrate Nowruz properly, and it's been years since I've gotten to, so I'm pretty jazzed.
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