Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Win quotient rated moderately high

Ways in which life is full of win:
1) My high school football team won the PA state title (yay Panthers!)
2) The Steelers won decisively today
3) Just posted a role-play post full of science and drama *geektriumph*
4) Today is Mom and Ray's first wedding anniversary
5) Tomorrow is Krissy's birthday
6) Totalfark is a lot of fun (and a lot more manageable thanks to the Farky and Farkit plug-ins for Firefox)
7) One more week until vacation

Ways in which life is not so full of win:
1) Remy's stuck in Elmira until Thursday
2) I have to start working the 10-7 shift in January
3) Either I now have catnip running through my veins, or the cats have been getting inexplicably more aggressive. I get clawed/bitten during play a lot more than I used to, and around 5 AM this morning they scared the bejeebus out of us by wailing and howling at a cat they spotted outside.

Overall, not too bad (albeit lonely without Remy, but he'll be home soon enough). Pittsburgh looms nearer, and there will be fun-ness. price mentioned a pub run, zra42 mentioned lunch, we get to watch a freaking Steelers game for the first time in ages, and I'll be taking Remy to the Carnegie Science Center at some point. We will miss our kittens, but deathslilsister, canissum, and manycolored have graciously volunteered to look in on them. I'll be in touch regarding details, or you can comment/email/call me instead =)

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