Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Random act of w00tness

I was browsing a Fark thread this morning about the top 100 baby names in the US for 2006- i.e., the Names To Avoid One Day ;) Anyway, one of the commentators on the thread was a TFer I've seen in a lot of threads before. His handle makes it pretty obvious that he's Iranian, and his profile seals the deal.

Anyway, he commented about maybe one day using the name Xerxes as a middle name for one of his children- only he wasn't sure how it was pronounced in English. I said that I'd always heard it as ZER-sees, and furthermore mentioned that I was half Iranian, have an Iranian first and middle name, and that (while we're on the subject of ancient Persian kings) I know of a Cyrus and Darius in the same family. [SEE-roos / KOO-rosh and Dar-ee-OOSH, if you go by Farsi pronunciation]

A little bit of back-and-forth commenting ensued, and then suddenly I notice something new at the top of the thread:

[Aforementioned TFer] has just bought you a $5 - One Month TotalFark Subscription - Non-Recurring -- see your email for more details.

I'm a TotalFarker for a month, woohoo! =D

That was entirely too cool of someone who is essentially a brand-new acquaintance. I'll have to try and get to know this guy better, methinks...
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