Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Sweetest Xmas commercial ever

This is the one and only Xmas commercial that doesn't make me want to rip out an advertiser's colon:

The classic Eat 'n Park Star commercial

I include the link here because you probably haven't seen it before. It's for a chain of restaurants local to Pittsburgh, Eat 'n Park. Kinda like Friendly's, but nicer (the Friendly's circus decor scares me) and with a bakery. And smiley cookie goodness. I miss Eat 'n Park... anyway, they've aired this commercial every year for ages now, so it's very much a part of this season for me.

When the Penguins and Steelers go to the playoffs, Eat 'n Park sometimes makes commercials that diss the opposing teams. ;)

Edit: Oh wait, I also really like the Planters commercial with the baby peanut opening his presents... but I can't find a link to that one.

Edit: Douchelord is my new favorite word.
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