Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Links and Musing

I have registered as a Bright (hence new iconage). Kinda-sorta a group, kinda-sorta not. I'll be interested to see if "Brights" really does become part of the contemporary vernacular.

Camp Quest: this looks like a fun place to send our as-yet-nonexistent progeny. There, and Space Camp. Only if he/she wants to go, of course. I shan't be the type of parent to impose activities upon my kid.

Rifftrax! Remy and I bought the Star Trek V one on Sunday. Not the best MSTing ever, but it was entertaining, definitely worth getting. We'd like to check out some of the others.

Here are some funny voice impersonations, used to advertise a jockey on a Canadian radio station. The Star Trek-related ones are, by far, the best.

We've begun watching Cosmos, which is fantastic. Coincidentally, it's the ten-year anniversary of Carl Sagan's passing. The fanciful part of me imagines that he's not really dead, but roaming through time and space in that nifty dandelion-seed ship. Kinda like Nikolai Tesla- who is most assuredly not dead, but gallavanting about in his TARDIS.

The world really needs more people like Carl.

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