Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Scarf Update

The scarf's underway! Woohoo!

Trying to find the yarn recommended by the Dr. Who scarf site turned out to be a royal PITA. The manufacturer doesn't sell their yarn directly, only through retailers, and it didn't seem like a single retailer on Earth had the colors I wanted in the weight I wanted. Remy said "screw it," and took me to Alfred's in Stuyvesant Plaza, where we found a lovely line of soft, 100% Merino wool in colors that suited our dark purpose. I bought thirteen 200-yard skeins, and I'll soon have to go back for a fourteenth, if the Dr. Who site's estimates are to be believed. If you do the math, that's an assload of yarn. Enough to cover a few football fields. If I wind up having a lot of scrap, my plan is to knit a big goddamn arrow to lay onto the Heinz Field turf, to guide the Steelers to that place on that one side of the field that will allow them to score points (seeing as they have trouble finding the end zone this year... but I digress).

So yes- an assload of yarn, and 14", size 7 knitting needles. I forgot at the time that I'd also eventually need a tapestry needle for color switching, but since I have to return to the store for the last skein of yarn anyway, it's not a big deal.

Using the videos on this site, and after a few failed dexterity rolls, I managed to cast on this afternoon. I'm doing sixty stitches across, which just about fills the knitting needle, as I'm trying to knit loosely. I'm also knitting with the yarn on the left, which is the method my mom taught me. She herself is able to finish a whole scarf in an evening with this method, and I'm not too slow at it once I get going. My big failing is that I can't keep the stitches of a consistent tightness. I'm not too worried about it, though. This is the extreme end of the scarf; my (flimsy) theory is that I'll be much better at this by the time I'm a significant way in, and the ends of the scarf will be largely covered up by tassles anyway.

I'm using the pattern on the Dr. Who site, and have finished exactly two purple rows at this point (one for cast-on plus three knit passes). As you can see, only a gajillion left to go. I was originally going to start on the left side of the pattern and work toward the right, but I've decided to switch to doing the right side first. That means I'll be sticking with purple for another sixteen rows (32 passes) before I have to switch colors- again, giving me a good bit of practice before something tricky crops up.

This will be the first knitting project I've started/completed all on my own (in the past, Mom has helped me get started/finish and has corrected my mistakes when I hit a snag). I'm triple-checking everything all the time, heh- especially counting after each pass to make sure I still have sixty stitches on the needle.

Once I have a more significant portion done, I'll start taking pictures, methinks. Someone must care, or so I tell myself... ;)
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