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Black Friday!!

I returned to retail today! Prolly not the best day to be re-acclimating myself to it, hehe, but it wasn't too bad. Not too many people down at Station Square, surprisingly; the weather must be keeping them away. Or maybe no one wants to go to Station Square. The mall near my house was pretty packed...

Thanksgiving was nice and tame. =) I got a good dinner at my house and then went to Nick's to visit and play Tetrisphere. Later, I returned home to meet my mom's boyfriend's son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter (get all that? ;)), who're staying with us 'til tomorrow. Everyone is very nice and the granddaughter is really cute. She's five, very quiet, and extremely well-behaved. Nice to see after the hordes of Satan spawn in the store today. ;)

I work retail again tomorrow night... then I should probably buckle down and program s'more. 'Course I go back to my university job on Sunday, yargh. Between this programming project, finals, and prepping for my job interview, this is going to be a ferry eenteresting couple of weeks...

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