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Spam Number Three

Apparently, I'm not taking the "fatass" warnings seriously enough. To scam me out of cash, they'll have to attack something else I'm deeply insecure about. What could it be?

Hi, this shouldn't be coming from me but who else is going to mention it before you get embarrassed. People think for some reason you have a small you know what. Why? I am not 100% sure,maybe it came from an ex or someone just trying to come down on you. Either way women here are thinking that you don't have much to show for down there. I personally could care less but if you need some advice I will be the first to help cause I know at one time I needed all the help I could get. Tried about 7 different products then found the one where I actually saw fast quick gains. Now, I know you aren't going to say anything to anyone since you are in the same boat. Not everyone is blessed I guess, hehe. Anyways, I can tell you this company below helped the hell out of me and made a big difference. Check them out.
[link omitted yet again]
Talk to you Soon,

You would think that he'd go by Dick.
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