Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Civil Disobedience

Re: The guy who was detained by TSA for writing "Kip Hawley is an idiot" on his toiletry bag

If I must fly any time soon, I'm going prepared.

I'll make and wear a t-shirt with this icon on the front, or something similar. On the back, I will express, in Farsi, my pride in my heritage and in the fact that I was raised in America and taught to respect, admire, and uphold the ideals expressed in the Constitution. I will carry those metallic Bill of Rights cards in my pockets. I will scrawl the Fourth Amendment on my luggage tags, and inside my bags will be Fourth Amendment leaflets labeled, "For My Friends At TSA. Please Take One." Inside my quart Ziploc of toiletries will be a generous supply of condoms, lube, tampons, pads. The bag itself will be labeled too- probably with something along the lines of, "TSA: Please Use the Lube and Be Gentle."

A disturbing number of Americans would call me an asshat for doing any of the above. The security sucks, but it's "necessary" to "protect" us. Everyone just wants to get on the plane, why do I have to "cause problems" and "hold things up?"

Why? Because I want my fucking freedoms back. I'm not afraid of "terrorists," I'm afraid of more useless and Constitutionally questionable "security." And unless more people protest civilly, unless it becomes impossible to maintain this strangehold of false security because too many people are "being asshats," it's not only going to stay this bad, it's going to get worse. And it'll be our own faults.
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