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Busy weekend!

I've been at work the past four days and will be there again for the next three in a row, which isn't a good thing because playing the waiting game (i.e., waiting for someone to walk in and buy something... seems to happen only about once or twice per shift anymore, if at all) is really starting to get to me. I can only take my retail job in small doses.

On Friday after work, Nick and I dragged out the telescope to take a look at the moon, since it was nice out and there weren't too many clouds. The moon was full, so we had to use our filter (the moon's about ten times brighter when full than it is at any other phase, making it hard to see any detail). And just for fun, we gave our Barlow lens a whirl, which doubled the magnification of our normal 25, 10, and 6mm lenses. It's pretty hard to see any detail on the face of the full moon, except for the really massive craters like Tycho, but you can see all kinds of mountains and craters on the moon's edges in stark detail. It's really something.

I hope everyone goes out to look for Mars later in the summer! The Red Planet's gonna get the closest to us that it has been for about 300 years, and will be easily visible to the naked eye as a big, bright, non-twinkling dot. Can't wait to focus in on Mars with my little refractor. I haven't yet seen a planet in the 'scope, so I'm really glad this opportunity happened to come around in our lifetimes. ^_^ (We won't have this good a view of Mars again until 2287. And if you do get to take a look at Mars with a telescope, my one magazine recommends looking for a faint green dot just above it. That dot is Uranus. [Insert toilet humor here])

Went to the mall on Saturday before work, and finally got my hands on the newest installment of Tomb Raider for the PC. Nick preordered it for my birthday in February, since it was originally slated to come out around then, and I've been waiting for it to be released ever since. I hope all the release delays and waiting was worth it. I bet it will be for me at least, being the TR nut that I am, hehe. I love the games, but you'll never, never be able to drag me to another movie. Wasting $8 and two hours of my life on the first one was bad enough.

The new game should keep my video-game cravings in check for a while... though I also really want Star Trek Elite Force 2, which just came out. The first one was smashing good fun- basically, it's Quake in the Star Trek universe, but includes a detailed storyline, characters you can interact with-

Me> Hey.
Tuvok> I believe the captain ordered you to Engineering, Ensign.

-and FMV sequences between most of the levels. My favorite part was running amok in the Borg cubes, hehe. Assimilate This!

Didn't do much today... except go to work, of course. ; ) I'll get my first full day off Thursday, just gotta plug along 'til then...

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