Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Okee-doke- I have added wedding pictures to my and Remy's gallery.

Mom and Ray's visit was very nice, though unfortunately brief (they have an eight-hour car trip back home and have to go to work on Monday). They came out with their 'Vette as promised though, and oh my GOD is it a beautiful machine. I joy-rided with Mom for a bit ;)

So, I really wish I could watch the Steelers game right now? Because it's only the first quarter, and they are so totally OWNING the Bengals. I'm watching the play-by-play on nfl.com, but it's just not the same. Here's a tip, though, Cinci: when your drive goes sack-fumble-sack-fumble-interception, that means it's time for you to STFU and go home.

I just hope the Steelers don't let up for the rest of the game. They sometimes like to stack up a big lead and then let the other team overtake them.

Edit: I jinxed them but good. Fantastic offensive numbers, but all those turnovers, wtf? =(
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