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My fellow possee member lsduncan made this quiz, so I had to take it, hehe:

You are the Lover, the Agent of Creation (The Emperess)
You are the Lover

The Lover is the agent of Creation (The Empress).
He is responsible for uniting parts in order to
make something new from it, just as a man and a
woman unite in order to create a child. The
Lover therefore tends to be an accomplished
artificer. Because Creation is the force that
unites people as well as materials, the Lover
is also responsible for strengthening the bonds
that bring people together, whether those bonds
be family bonds or national unity. Because of
this, the Lover is the most social of all the
Agents. Besides, a greater number of people
brought together can create even greater
creations than one person alone. However, a
Lover can unbalance the bonds that unite people
or things by pulling them too tight, and
therefore become TOO attached to them and
unwilling to let go.

Which of the Four Agents of the Four High Arcana Powers Influences You the Most?
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