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The Day of w00t

Today is just one big w00t! after the other =D

* The Tick Vs. Season One on DVD. FINALLY. I found this last night, but I include it here as I'm sure many of you who read this (all two of you) will also be jazzed. I have bootleg DVDs of all of The Tick, but my rule on buying those is that I must buy the legitimate DVDs if/when they ever come out. I plan to order this soon. God, I love this cartoon =)

* Remy arrives back in Albany sometime tonight or early tomorrow morning, which is a big relief. I don't like it when he's gone. The cats work to exact revenge upon me, thinking that I somehow misplaced Daddy, and no matter how tired I am each night, I toss and turn until 2 or 3 AM. It's not fun to have him gone, but I consider this sort of reaction to his absence a good thing. With my ex, I'd actively look for excuses not to spend time with him, heh. I should've seen that for the big fat warning clue-by-four it was, but it was my first serious relationship and I had the dumb.

* Payday. And unlike my last job, I have direct deposit here. So much less of an ass-pain.

* Tech/developer support shuts down early today. So, I get to go home two hours early and am still being paid for the full eight-hour day.

* Three-day weekend!

* My mom is a VP at a company that manages several colleges and universities throughout the US. We knew that one of her benefits of working there was the ability to send herself/immediate family to school at any of those places for free, but we'd always assumed that a) you had to attend the physical school and b) it was only for undergrad. Not so, it turns out! Not only do some of their universities offer degree programs online, they also offer masters degree programs online. Meaning yours truly can earn a masters from the comfort of home, at her own pace, free of charge.

I totally dig the online program. I've heard online courses are tough, but I'm good at self-teaching and dislike sitting through lectures (for the most part. I had some great undergrad profs whose classes were mentally stimulating and a pleasure to attend, but they were unfortunately not the majority). Of course, I'm limited by what online programs they have, and the list is pretty short and 100% non-technical. About the only viable option at this point is an MBA- and given how much I loved the Businesstardery dual-major I tacked onto my CompSci degree, heh, I'm not sure I'd want to spring for that. On the other hand, I worked tech support at the graduate business school at Pitt, so I know just how stupid the average* Business/MBA student is. I could probably earn an MBA in record time without breaking a sweat, and then go do something else later, maybe. Hrm...

* Yes, I know there are smart business students out there. I also know there are mouthbreather business students out there who are just looking for something to fill the time between keggers, and I know this from painful personal experience, sitting in class with them and fixing their computers for them. Working tech support, you don't meet many of the smart ones, because they're smart enough not to have to bother you with whinges like, "Why is my (two year-old) laptop (whose HDD has never been defragged, with 128 MB RAM) so slow?"

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