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I had time, while the program I'm writing was busy blowing up. It still is, yay me...

Aside from hungry, this meme actually made me a little homesick and nostalgic. My mom is an amazing cook, and I have a lot of fond memories of really good meals, both American and Iranian. Alas, the only talent I inherited is turning the oven on and off and punching microwave buttons... =(

1. Fresh fish - Any kind you can think of, however you want to make it, I'll eat it. I'm particularly fond of salmon and tilapia.

2. Lobster - Never had it before, strangely enough. I wouldn't mind trying it, though.

3. Steak - Medium/medium-well with A-1, please. Mmm, meat.

4. Thai food - Pad Thai and glass noodles... *drool*

5. Chinese food - Only ever tried the American bastardizations thus far, but I'm not complaining.

6. Ice cream - Mint chocolate chip is the undisputed favorite, but I also like coffee, chocolate, and strawberry. Especially if there are nice big chunks of strawberry in it.

7. Pizza - A staple of my diet. I usually like it loaded with vegetables, but I also like sausage and pepperoni. Every once in a while, I get a craving for a Hawaiian (pineapple and ham) =9 That's Ray's favorite, incidentally. I know, the rest of the world thinks it's vile.

8. Crab - I love crab cakes, and I'm actually rather fond of imitation crab too.

9. Curry - Good stuff! There's an Indian restuarant down the street from me, and that's as close to Persian food as I get when I'm not visiting home, unfortunately. (BTW, if you're curious, much of Iranian food is similar to Indian, just not spicy.)

10. Prawns - I like.

11. Moreton Bay Bugs - er?

12. Clam chowder - Never tried it.

13. Barbecues - We had Memorial Day barbecues religiously in my family, and throughout the summer. We grilled everything- hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, vegetables, you name it.

14. Pancakes - Mom made pancakes often in my youth, for both breakfast and lunch. Every once in a while, she made blueberry pancakes as a special treat.

15. Pasta - I eat it. No special attachment to it, though.

16. Mussels - Never had any.

17. Cheesecake - I loooove cheesecake. And it doesn't help that I have a strong tolerance for rich foods in general. Every restaurant has some SuperColossalUltraChocoRichDeathcake dessert, and as long as I didn't stuff myself with dinner, I can polish them off no problem. I'm convinced this ability will one day lead to my death.

18. Lamb - Yummy stuff.

19. Cream tea - I'm not really into tea. I'm a bad Iranian in that respect.

20. Alligator - I had fried alligator in Florida, and immediately felt guilty afterward. Not because it tasted bad- it tastes fine, if a bit chewy. No, my guilt stemmed from feeling like I'd somehow sinned against my patron saint, Steve Irwin.

21. Oysters - Nope.

22. Kangaroo - Whaa?

23. Chocolate - I love anything that's not white chocolate. Dark chocolate, however, is especially orgasmic.

24. Sandwiches - Yes, I eat sammiches, thank you. I am not a bag of antlers (I admit, I'm close).

25. Greek food - Stuffed grape leaves and baklava, for starters- but I have a hard time thinking of these as Greek, because they're in Iranian cuisine too. I also love lamb gyros and saganaki.

26. Burgers - Oh, hell yeah. My mom makes fantastic hamburgers, and I eat them with ketchup, lettuce, and pineapple rings. Hey, don't knock it 'til you try it.

27. Mexican food - I love it, but I cringe to think what my innards go through.

28. Squid - In Japanese stir-frys. Chewy!

29. American diner breakfast - Eat 'n Park's All-You-Can-Eat Breakfast Buffet, bitches. God damn it, I miss Eat 'n Park!

30. Salmon - Yes please.

31. Venison - Haven't tried it.

32. Guinea pig - The hell?

33. Shark - I haven't tried it yet, but I would.

34. Sushi - Love it! Especially eel and tuna sushi.

35. Paella - Nope...

36. Barramundi - Was?

37. Reindeer - Waaas?

38. Kebab - How could I dare call myself Iranian without a deep love of chelow kabob (kabob with saffron rice, usually served with grilled onions, tomatoes, pita or lavash bread, and sumaq seasoning)? There are two main types of Iranian kabob- koobideh (ground meat kabob) and barg (slices of meat). Both are scrummy. My mom made koobideh all the time.

39. Scallops - Much loved.

40. Australian meat pie - Nope...

41. Mango - Occasionally..

42. Durian fruit - ?

43. Octopus - Who wouldn't eat little Cthulhus, if given the chance? Chewy, like squid.

44. Ribs - Hells yeah!

45. Roast beef - Arby's regular roast beef sammiches and curly fries FTW!

46. Tapas - Our landlord owns a bar where he serves all kinds of yummy tapas. I'm a fan.

47. Jerk chicken/pork - Very yummy- especially in a Bomber's burrito.

48. Haggis - No thx.

49. Caviar - Never tried.

50. Cornish pasty - This either.
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