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On Matters Fiscal

We've been doing quite well on this front. My credit card company doubled my credit line, and Remy got a big raise at work. w00t! They've always appreciated how much they need him there, but they're feeling it even more now, as the guy they hired to replace me has already quit, leaving just four full-time instructors. For pretty much anything to do with programming, Remy's the only one there capable of teaching it. >=)

This means we'll be able to put more away for a down payment on a permanent residence. We'd been looking at a few condos in the downtown area, but the ones in our price range are either unappealing or have problems (like, being in a poorly lit basement that floods). The ones we've liked have all been just out of affordability range; since we don't have enough saved up for a 20% down payment, the monthly mortgage would kill us. So, we're cutting back on aggressive house-hunting and are being more casual about it as we continue to save. There are some cute little houses on the fringe of downtown that look rather appealing, too, and someone mentioned good things about Delmar that make me curious...

I get my first paycheck tomorrow, too! I've gone over a whole month without being paid, so I'm rightfully excited.

What is yours?
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Culinary: Brussels sprouts I freaking love them. I don't understand why they're reviled.
Literary: Forum-based RPGs Instead of writing stories, nowadays I write pages' worth of character responses. Can't... stop!
Audiovisual: YTMND Except for the hippy-dippy artsy-fartsy ones, it's gr- N-E-D-M! ::NEDM music::
Musical: ABBA It's good dancy/happy music, okay?!
Celebrity: Darius Kasparaitis The real-life Happy Gilmore, pretty much. When the Penguins traded him is when I lost all hope for hockey.

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