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While I was at work yesterday, Mom kicked Krissy out of the house. Krissy wants to pursue a relationship that Mom doesn't approve of- for reasonably legitimate reasons (more suspicions than reasons, really, since she's never met the guy), and Krissy is fully aware of them, but she still wants to take the chance, badly enough that she's willing to put everything on the line. Better to love and lose than never love at all.

I feel really weird about the whole thing- mostly, I feel bad and concerned for my sister. Ultimately, I don't think Mom's in the right here. And I'm trying to tell her that, but I don't want to get in an argument with her, either. Not only would anything I say fall on deaf ears, but I could be priming myself to get the boot, too. And with my current financial straits, that would be a Bad, Bad Thing.

Nick and his family are angels. They're letting Krissy stay with them and Nick's going to help Krissy find an apartment she can afford. ^_^

Mom's worried for Krissy, and says she's willing to let her come back- IF she calls and apologizes. For what? And why won't Mom call her? I really don't get it. If anything I think it's Mom who should be apologizing- but that's not how she sees it. In her eyes, she's the Parent, the Be-All-End-All, and she can do no wrong because she does these things out of Love. Thus there are two options: 1) humor her and submit or 2) stick to your guns. Krissy's not the type to take Option #1. I admire her for that.

As I said, I've tried to gently inform Mom why I think she was being unreasonable. Unfortunately, I'm the worst person there is for this sort of thing.

In Home Sweet Home, the majority of Wilykat's communication with authority figures ends up screwing him over. It isn't his fault- he expresses himself as clearly as he can- but his words are constantly twisted and misconstrued, and ultimately no one really listens to him.

I burdened poor Kat with that problem for a reason. It was my way of venting. The same thing happens to me all the time, especially when talking to my mother.

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