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The Not Really Secret Six Meme
1) I escape reality via role-playing. Currently, I run one Star Trek RPG and participate in a second. Between the two of them, I have eight characters. That's a lot of competing voices in my head.

2) One of the things I miss most about home is not getting to hear people (like my mom and her friends) speaking Farsi on a regular basis. I grew up with English and Farsi; hearing it is a comfort thing for me. I'm not fluent, but I know enough to be dangerous. If I listen in on a conversation, I can give you a general idea of what's being discussed.

3) High school! I a) was never asked out on a date, b) graduated valedictorian, c) held a second-degree brown belt in karate, d) accidentally tattooed myself by kneeling on a freshly sharpened pencil. The "tattoo" is a little gray dot on my right shin, just above my foot.

4) Started playing piano when I was six, viola when I was nine. I can dabble a tiny bit on guitar as well.

5) I have, in all, four piercings (two in each ear). That sounded so badass until you got to the parentheses, didn't it? I'm considering two more for my left ear, but since I'm a pussy about such things, it's probably not happening.

6) The sickest I've ever been was when I had pneumonia at seventeen (during finals week, of all times). Imagine being nauseated all day long and coughing up the contents of your left lung every five minutes. I was incapacitated, hospitalized for a short time, and lost five pounds. And I had to make up those finals. >.<

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