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Spooky Noochies!!

I really want to play Alice now.

Happy Halloween!! =D

'Tis my favorite day of the year. Better than Christmas. I love dressing up, I love free candy, and faux evil is fun!

The past two days were insane-o. I'm so glad I'm back at school now and can take the stick out of my ass, hehe. Wednesday's wining and dining was pretty good. Then there were the interviews on Thursday. All day. Six of 'em, 40 minutes each, 12 interviewers. By the end of the day the very depths of my soul had been thoroughly plumbed. I almost felt violated, in a way.

Anyway, chances of getting on full-time there are slim to none, but they are looking to hire a handful of interns. After a few months, there's a good chance they'll hire the interns on full time, as long as budget allows (and the interns don't suck, of course). I'll know their decision for me either way within a couple of weeks, according to them.

I hope I didn't kamikaze the interviews. It really seems like a neat company.

Interviews suck. I realize they're a necessary evil but they still suck. I know I can do the job; what I have trouble doing is not being nervous around strangers, and trying to act all extroverted when in reality I'm the type to go slink into my own private corner and hide, heh. When I get nervous, I start to forget how to speak the English language.

Ah well, it's behind me and right now I need to concentrate on my three projects due next week and also the next interview Tuesday, with a different firm.

But first I'm gonna concentrate on costumes and candy. >=)

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