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I finally, finally, have a day to prep. Which I actually have to use to prep a class, but I can work on that after a tad more procrastination. I've earned it, damn it. I mean, really, what does it say when you're the top-rated instructor for number of days teaching above the average? Especially when on the last day of that seemingly neverending stint, when your patience has all but worn thin, you're in a room where at least five or more people have no concept of taking a total revenue and total expense and deriving a net income from those numbers?

You made $10,000. You spent $6,000 of it. Can you honestly sit there and tell me you have no idea how to figure out how much money you have left (which, for the mentally retarded out there who will eventually wind up in my intro Excel class, is $4,000)? Now, I know I'm a math snob. I used to do Math League and Calcu-Solve Bowl. Hell, I placed third and second in two different city-wide Calcu-Solve Bowls (good times, eh zra42? ;D ), won a few other math awards in my time, and tested into Calculus 2 as a first-semester freshman at Pitt. So yes, I'm a friggin' math snob. But, come ON, people... basic goddamn subtraction?!

Sorry, had to get that out there. Otherwise, yesterday wasn't that bad. In fact, at lunchtime, the company got together to wish Remy and me happy belated wedding bliss. We got a cake and a card and some neat silverware and glassware, and everyone individually gave us their blessings/best wishes. It was surprisingly nice.

And, unfortunately, also a bit two-faced. Our much-beloved, much-shat-upon facilities guy caught a break and found a better job elsewhere, and is nearing the end of his two-week notice. The same day Remy and I are getting our asses kissed, management spends fifteen minutes telling the facilities guy what a rotten job he's doing (which is bullshit- he's fantastic at what he does), then turns around and asks if he'd be willing to stay on for an extra two weeks to train the new guy... for $400. Hmm, what a choice. Two-week vacation before starting a better job, or the same old backbreaking crap for next to nothing in return? To paraphrase one of my colleagues, "Did you tell them to fuck off?"

In case you're curious, he didn't put it quite that way, but he did decline that oh-so-generous offer. Good for him, I say. I'll miss him- he rocks and he does a great job- but he deserves much better.

I also got another call from MapInfo. Called back and left a voicemail; currently waiting on pins and needles. Rambly postages help with that, don't you know.
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