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$cientology $trike$ Again - And We Strike Back

Thanks to YTMND receiving a cease-and-desist letter from Scientologists, there has been an explosion of Scientology-related YTMNDs lately.

Riker turns to Xenu
It wasn't the "dark side of the Force" after all!
The letter we WISH the Scientologist lawyers would send

The Riker one was enough to make me convert to Xenu worship (thanks mightily, semperar)!

Hmm... I wonder if I can worship Xenu and still not lose my place in the divine workings of The Noodly One, the Flying Spaghetti Monster? And I wonder if I can still run around spouting HAIL SATAN just for the hell of it?

Well, shit. That's why I'm agnostic to begin with. I can make up my own damn rules!

P.S. Data getting a BSOD. Completely unrelated. Completely hysterical.
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