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This was an exceedingly good weekend. Remy and I watched lots of Babylon 5 (starting with Season 2; I've never seen it, but it's pretty neat so far) and Doctor Who (which, admittedly, could've been better- Rose and The Doctor constantly going apeshit over one another is getting on my nerves). The cheapo copy of Baldur's Gate 2 I bought arrived, so I got Remy and myself started on a campaign and also launched a solo one. I had forgotten just how fucking hilarious Minsc the ranger and his miniature giant space hamster are.

We met up with Sarah and Dennis at the Palais for billiards/tapas, looked in on their kitties, and played the ever-cracktacular Katarmari Damacy. Sadly, the weekend ended a bit sooner than either of us would've liked, since Remy had to go back to Harrisburg. He's only there 'til tomorrow night this time, at least, but it still sucks to have him gone. Especially because the cats become super-annoying in his absence. They are convinced that I've done away with him, and hence constantly meow at me ("WHERE DID YOU PUT DADDY?!"), constantly trample back and forth across my organs while I'm trying to sleep, and trample back and forth across my keyboard when I'm trying to write/play/whatever.

I was supposed to be teach-free until Wednesday, but I got dicked into teaching night class today and tomorrow. It could definitely be worse, though. At least this way, I don't have to show up to work until 5:00-ish, and I'm not spending my evenings alone wondering what to do with myself. Also, I've taught this class before- and even though the material is mind-numbingly boring, the people in the night classes are generally pretty cool. I'm going to try and make things more interesting for them. Since it's an intro-to-computers class, I'll try taking Zaal in to hook up to the projector so that, along with the default Windows XP curriculum, they can also see Mac OS X. Y'know, a real operating system.

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